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21st Century Scholar Update

Considering the average college tuition, this year is $10,000, the 21st Century Scholarships for our Burris, Northside, and Southside students represent $20,400,000 in college tuition payments over 4 years.  Right now, $6,480,000 is earmarked for our enrolled Scholars.  Don’t walk away from the remaining $13,920,000 in scholarships, enroll your student today!

We began the 2021-2022 enrollment in the 21st Century Scholar Program with Fall semester in-school presentations open to all students.  We provided information to 510 students, either during the presentations or through the delivery of information packets to their parents. By the end of the Fall semester, 32% of eligible students have been enrolled in the Scholar program.

We are just finishing our Spring semester presentations at the schools to the 348 students who are not yet enrolled.  Currently, our seventh-grade students (2027 Cohort) stand at 21% Scholar enrollment, which is only 1 out of 5 eligible students.

Of our eighth-grade students (2026 Cohort) only 41% are currently enrolled, which is 2 out of 5 eligible students.

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