Advisory Board

Our advisory board is comprised of local experts in the health, mental health, nutrition, education, and religious fields to: review discipline-specific content–school nursing information, home-based study skills during E-learning, nutrition information, and current technology issues before posting it on the website; post blogs and respond to FAQs; give a high level of legitimacy for the content posted on the website and a strong network of community resources. MCS, BLS, and the IA also have committed to working with Teachers College to establish the website and provide a list of contacts to provide information and respond to requests for information.

Ramona Dale, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

Mitch Isaacs, Shafer Leadership Academy

Sunni Matters, Second Harvest Food Bank

Devon Mitchell, Parent Perspective

Lisa Suttle, Meridian Health Services

Gary Thomas, LEAP Managed IT

Suzanne Clem, Open Door Health Services

Jane Wiechel, Ball State University

Connie McIntosh, Ball State University

Jayanthi Kandiah, Ball State University

Julie Tuttle Davis, Indiana Academy

Andy Klotz, Muncie Community Schools

Dr. Abigail E. Comber, Burris Laboratory School

Chad Zaucha, YMCA of Muncie

Tammy Pearson, Project Leadership

Akilah Shukrua Nosakhere, Muncie Public Library