What You Need To Know About Summer Learning Loss

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Source: [3pLearning by Mark Ankucic]

Understanding Summer learning loss

Summer learning loss – or the summer slide – is an educational phenomenon where students lose some of the knowledge, skills and ability they acquired over the school year.

Besides the initial problem breaking the momentum of continual learning – and some lost time – there are a few knock-on effects to consider:

  • Students’ scores are lower when they return to school
  • Teachers have to spend time re-teaching and retreading subjects, theory and practice before they can move on
  • The effort of encouraging students and parents to get involved with learning over the Summer vacation

Summer Learning Loss Statistics

  • Between 27-50% of the yearly progress made in mathematics learning is lost (NWEA)
  • 9/10 teachers spend almost a month re-teaching lessons from the previous year (NSLA)
  • Reteaching can cost more than $1500 per student each year (ASCD)

The Foundational Study

The Effect of Summer Vacation on Achievement Test Scores: A Narrative and Meta-Analytic Review is a meta-analysis of 39 studies into lost progress over the holiday period.

Here’s a summary of what the researchers found:

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