Scholar Enrollment Update: How many students still need to enroll?

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Spring enrollment for the 21st Century Scholars program will end June 30th. For our eighth-grade students that is the last day they will be eligible for the Indiana’s college tuition scholarship.

Over the past school year, we’ve made fall and spring presentations to our seventh and eighth grade students at Burris Laboratory School, Northside Middle School, and Southside Middle School, giving them an overview of the college tuition scholarship program and application packets to bring home.

With the spring enrollment, we have also been calling parents of students that have not yet enrolled to remind them to send their completed applications to school or let us enroll them over the phone.

As of Friday, May 20, school enrollment numbers are:

There are still students who are eligible for this wonderful opportunity. A ten-minute investment of time will provide full college tuition at Indiana public colleges for up to four years.  If you haven’t enrolled your student yet, call Project Leadership at 765-651-0651 to enroll over the phone or go to to register an account and enroll online.


May 2022 Update 2026 Cohort 2027 Cohort
School Eligible Enrolled Percentage Eligible Enrolled Percentage
Burris 14 10 71% 16 5 31%
Northside 117 87 74% 114 46 40%
Southside 138 50 36% 105 11 10%
All Schools 269 147 54% 235 62 26%


Considering the average college tuition, this year is $10,000, the 21st Century Scholarships for our Burris, Northside, and Southside students represent $20,400,000 in college tuition payments over 4 years.

The enrollment period ends on June 30, 2022, for the 2021-2022 school year. Our eighth-grade students must be enrolled in the program before then to qualify for the college tuition scholarship, so their window of time is narrowing quickly. We recommend that our seventh-grade students also enroll now and secure their status as Scholars.  Don’t delay, sign up today! Reach out to Project Leadership at 765-896-8616 or 765-651-0650.

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