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by: Muncie Community Schools

The Ball State University College of Health is finding new ways to make the partnership between the university and Muncie Community Schools much more meaningful. Under their new relationship to Grissom Elementary, The College of Health’s Social Work department has placed
their first student in Grissom for a semester-long practicum. Working with the school’s counselor, Jessica Johnson, this undergraduate in Social Work is shadowing her as she teaches classroom lessons, works with small groups of students, and meets individually with students as needed. This semester, Shelby Weathersby is taking full advantage of her opportunity to be immersed in the school and community as she assists with Social Emotional Learning groups and teaches students in classrooms. Teaching topics range from responsible use of social media, to interpersonal relationship skills. In addition, Shelby is planning a lesson for Black History Month on social justice for 5th-grade students.

Their days are packed as they move from large groups to small groups and meet with students, before school, after school and during lunchtime! Shelby has seen first-hand how busy and how vital a role the school counselor plays as she works with Ms. Johnson. “(Ms. Johnson) does a spectacular job of explaining her processes with me and we have great discussions. I think the work we do with these kids is incredibly meaningful and will have a lasting impact.” Shelby Weathersby

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