Indiana Academy Spring 2021 COVID-19 Update


Dear Indiana Academy Community:

Ball State University has implemented a new COVID-19 protocol requiring all students to submit a COVID-19 test before returning to campus for the start of the Spring 2021 semester. This applies to Indiana Academy students, including students who do not live in the residence hall but are attending in-person classes.


Every student is required to:

  1. Submit a COVID-19 test result administered within seven (7) days before arriving on campus; and
  2. Self-quarantine between the date the test is administered and the return to campus.

Specific information about testing locations and the availability of free testing may be found here.

After obtaining test results, students must upload an image of the test result to the Indiana Academy. Upload instructions will be provided the week of January 4th–8th.

Negative Test Results

Students with a negative test result may return to campus on January 17, 2021 as scheduled.

Positive Test Results

Students with a positive test result cannot return to campus. Students must isolate for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms, and must be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications before returning to campus. If asymptomatic, students must isolate for at least 10 days from the date of the COVID-19 test.

Exceptions to Pre-Arrival Protocol

A student is not required to submit a pre-arrival test result if one of the following applies:

  1. The student tested positive for COVID-19 in the 90-day period prior to returning to campus for Spring 2021, and the positive test result has been provided to the Indiana Academy.
  2. The student is enrolled entirely online for the Spring 2021 semester, is not residing in the residence hall, and will not be physically present on campus in the spring semester.


Students are required to comply with this protocol unless the student meets the criteria for an exception. Students who fail to submit the test results will not be permitted to move-in to the residence hall, and will not be able to attend in-person classes until a test result is submitted.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we implement this new COVID-19 protocol. We will communicate with our community any further pandemic issues or decisions that have implications for our students, teachers, and families as they become available. For more information about COVID-19, please visit our website.

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