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The Class of 2021 is getting ready to graduate and parties are on! The parents of 2021 grads are certainly looking forward to celebrating their graduating seniors. After all, these kids have enduring the longest senior year ever and deserve one awesome party.

But, we know that parties might not be quite back to normal. Throwing a Covid-friendly grad party is possible with a few easy adjustments…

1. Throw an Outdoor Celebration  

The great outdoors is better than indoors! Throwing an outdoor graduation party is a must in 2021. Make sure you note on your graduation party invite that your celebration is outside.

Then, get creative with these ideas:

Have Graduation Party at a Park

If you don’t have adequate outdoor space at your home, throw a graduation party at a local park. Most city offices will reserve park shelters for free or a small fee, making this a cheap way to throw a great party!

Be sure to deck out the park space with fun grad party decorations. Plastic tablecloths in your grad’s school colors will give picnic tables instant style. Scattering photo table confetti will spice up the tabletops and people will love looking at memories from through the years. And balloons are an easy and cheap way to decorate! Simply stake helium balloon bouquets right into the grass.

.              Get Creative with Your Space

Take a look at the outdoor space around your home. If it feels tight, expand your view.

Could your driveway be used? Look past the boring concrete or asphalt and imagine long table banquet tables lined up instead.

Grad parties are usually tucked away in backyards, but this year, consider spreading the celebration out to the front yard too. Rent some tables or set up some lawn games to encourage your party guests to spread out.

And finally…the garage. Utilizing your garage as a party space IS possible! And bonus: it’ll finally make you clean out everything that’s been accumulating in it. Set up a couple tables and line the walls with photo posters to draw guests inside.

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