Food Assistance Availability Map

This site is designed to help you find available food resources near you. To use the map:

  1. Enter your address in the search tool. Street address and ZIP code. City and state are not required.
  2. Food assistance within five-miles of you will automatically appear. If you would like to change the search area drag the slider below the address entry and select a smaller or wider radius.
  3. To get more information about any organization, click on the organization’s name in the list. This includes the type of organization and hours of operation. If available, there is also a link to the organization’s website.
  4. To go back to the list of organizations, click “<” or “Food Assistance.”

There are two types of organizations shown:

Food pantries are locations where you can pick up groceries to prepare and use at your home.
Meal sites serve packed meals ready to take home and eat.


Click here to use the map:

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