DesignWorks Academy

Summer Programs
High School

July 7-19, 2024
2-week Residential Workshop

Ball State Campus

High school juniors & seniors


High school students will experience a variety of design fields such as architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning. Attendees will work closely with both faculty and current college students, who take an active role in the learning process and engage individual students to teach the basics of structural and environmental design. Design projects will test the participants’ creative problem-solving skills.

Each day is different. Students might be in a studio, they might be on a site visit, maybe they are sketching on campus, or working on a project. Students will spend most of their time in the studio learning design. Design principles are not a set series of facts and figures, and discussions could and should take off in a multitude of directions. You will work, you will explore, you will have fun too.


Lori Pence
Director of Student Services

Phone: 765-258-5879
Room: AB 508