Building Trust Between Parents And Educators From The Start

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We learned many lessons this past year by living, educating and attempting to thrive during a global pandemic. One of those lessons was just how vital parents and caregivers are in the educational process. With remote learning, parents were the ones who attended to the schedule and made certain children got online in the right place at the right time. Parents were the ones who dealt with the wiggles, the boredom and the frustrations that occurred as children attempted to manage their bodies, hearts and minds in a restrictive, virtual environment.

And as most schools reopen in person, parents and caregivers may feel a level of attachment, protection, and vulnerability that is new or elevated in this back to school season. After all, we’ve played a large role. We’ve been partner instructors often reflecting on the learning or working through academic struggles long after the virtual class has ended. We may feel a level of investment we’ve never yet experienced in our child’s education.

Though the changes persist and our children and teens will be in school this Fall, we, parents and caregivers, still have a vital role to play. But it will require that we trust our partner – our child’s educators – in order to give our best. And trust takes time to build especially when we’ve been through tough times. It will take numerous small interactions in order to learn how your child’s educator communicates and what he/she prioritizes.

Check out the following one pagers. Send one into school with your child for your child’s teacher to fill out so that your family can learn more. Here’s the printable “Teacher – Get to Know You.” Go ahead and fill out the second one pager with your child on you and your family and send it in to your teacher. Here’s the printable “Family – Get to Know You.“ This simple exchange can get your relationship started to begin your year-long partnership. There is also a version in Spanish for families to complete as well.

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