How the Ball Brother Foundation supports local vaccine distribution efforts

Source: [Ball Brothers Foundation]

MUNCIE, INDIANA — Hospitals, public health departments and healthcare organizations are carrying the brunt of COVID-19 efforts: caring for the ill, monitoring the spread of cases, educating the public about prevention methods, running testing sites and, now, managing the monumental task of carrying out the largest vaccination efforts in the nation’s history.

To alleviate this burden, Ball Brothers Foundation has stepped in with multi-phase funding to assist in the distribution of vaccines locally.

“The logistics of vaccine distribution are deeply complicated, and success will ultimately come down to the last mile—the process of actually getting shots out of vials and into people’s arms,” said Jud Fisher, president and chief operating officer of Ball Brothers Foundation. “As a locally-focused grant maker, we are uniquely positioned to provide early support to help ensure our community is equipped to expediently, efficiently and equitably distribute the vaccine.”

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