Little Things

By: Dr. David McIntosh

Little drops of rain

Little grains of sand,

Make the mighty ocean,

And the pleasant land.


Thus, the little minutes,

Humble though they be,

Make the mighty ages

Of eternity.


This poem, in 30 words, has several inspirational meanings.  It stresses the importance of living in the moment. It also tells us that even the smallest things we do are meaningful. All the little things we do throughout the day and throughout our lives add up to much bigger things. Thanking someone for opening a door for you, saying a kind word or two to the elderly couple at the grocery store, or picking up a few pieces of trash as you take a walk are all little things but can all add up to bigger things. How can picking up a discarded piece of trash be meaningful? Just think if we all took the time to pick-up one or two pieces of trash how much cleaner our world would be.  Or, if you picked up one or two pieces of trash on your walk each day, over time, think of the difference it would make. During the pandemic and moving forward, let’s not forget to still do the “Little Things” because in the end they will make a big difference.


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